dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Transformation International ceramic symposium neumunster


Leader of the symposium Danijela Pivasec-Tenner with Birgit Saupe


Orly Nezer from Israel

Birgit Saupe from Germany

Biljana Milenovic Stojanovic from Serbia

First days of the symposium:
First tryouts

adjusting plans: To my suprise besides the presentation in our studio at Neumunster there will be a real presentation in museum Schloss Gottorff. That means the work has to be transported. I had the plan to leave my work unfired. But I have to rethink this or do the proposal to make my work at this place.

After a few days work still struggling with the clay, cracks in abundance but every things falls still needs some tuning in the timing.
Also good news: My proposal to work on the spott in museum Gottorff accepted with a simple "why not I like the idea" by the director of the museum.
So this will be my working space there.


So I can concentrate on making my presentation here and preparing a lecture for next week.

Works from first weeks