woensdag 30 juni 2010

tryout transformation

Als voorbereiding voor het symposium in september deed ik een tweedaagse tryout tijdens de kunstfietsroute te Castricum. De foto's tonen hetdraaien en de klei in natte en in droge staat.
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(foto's: Gerard de Bruin)

dinsdag 15 juni 2010

International Ceramic Symposium Neumunster 2010: Transformation

In september I will work at the Stadttoepferei in Neumunster.
I was invited for a three weeks working period after sending this proposal on the theme Transformation.

Wilma Bosland: Pieta
Proposal for the international ceramic Symposium Neumunster 2010

My proposed project handles about transformation in the sense that I want to make visible the process from clay to an object with a soul and back when it has the time::”dust thou art and unto dust you shall return”
I will use the theme of Pieta, as a Universal symbol in art-history.for the moment of consciousness of a heavy loss of a loved person or life?

Inspired by old and new artworks or contemporary movies (e.a. Das leben der anderen). I will execute the moment of Pieta with wet just shaped on the Wheel shapes in clay. These wet figures will be formed ad keep the traces of this ritual. To keep this moment alive and close I would like to present the work in different stages of wetness and after the symposium it could stay in a place where it can loose it shape and return into earth again.

The pictures:
1 Installation Pieta in gallery De Witte Voet, Amsterdam
solo show Wilma Bosland under my skin, October 2009. These object where shaped as described above, but fired.
2 Pieta performance in studio
3.wet object, close-up of wet clay